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We empower students to leverage technology for social good by inspiring action, facilitating collaboration, and forging pathways towards change.


Georgia Tech’s CS+Social Good is an organization that focuses on the intersection of STEM and social impact. Striving to build a community of passionate computer scientists and engineers who are applying their technical knowledge towards solving the world’s biggest problems, CS+Social Good is changing the way students understand the value behind a computer science education and its applications worldwide.

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Our team is comprised of 3 teams- inspiration, education, and entrepreneurship. All of these teams dedicate passion and copious time to create the excellent events we host on campus and locally.

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We have partnered with different companies, startups and organizations to host events on Georgia Tech's campus, focused on entrepreneurship and social good. Some examples include a16z, Affirm, Kabbage, Black Girls Code & oSTEM.

Group of College Students Teaching Elementary Students Coding Principles

We have created the EduCode curriculum. EduCode aims to provide middle school and high school students with an interesting and informative computer science education that allows them to develop key coding skills and gain interest in the field of computer science.

We have worked with professors at Georgia Tech to reform CS team-based project classes to focus on the idea of social good. More specifically, we designed the curriculum for GT's CS 2340 class for Spring 2018, with the focus of developing an android application for homeless people to find shelters with available beds more easily. We are currently working on reforming an SLS + Health class, as well as working with more CS professors for the Spring 2019 semester.

This is our flagship event where we invite local businesses and organzations as well as those from Georgia Tech to encourage students to become active in their community for social impact. Last year, we had over 50+ attendees and companies like Microsoft in attendance.

For the 2018-2019 academic year we are planning even more and bigger movements! We are currently looking into conducting an extended Social Good Hackathon, more workshops and external field trips, and having 1 Day of Code per month in local elementary and middle schools. We also are looking into how to shift the mindset of students around computer science careers, so they see more than the typical roles as future paths!


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